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BCCF Executive Director Retirement Announcement

After an impressive 34-year tenure with the British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF), our Executive Director, Deborah Gibson, has announced her intention to retire this year (2022).
Over almost three and a half decades of dedicated service, Deborah has navigated the foundation through completion of more than 9000 conservation projects totaling over $120M in contract work. She has seen BCCF though several economic downturns, countless changes in federal and provincial governments, a successful transition past the Y2K crossover into the new millennium, and continued growth through the COVID-19 pandemic. To her notable credit, Deborah has not only managed to keep the charity relevant in an ever-progressing world, but she has also maintained a highly efficient team whose tireless work under the foundation’s fee-for-service operations has continued to meet the Board of Directors’ initiatives and goals year after year. Through it all, Deborah’s mantra has focused on neutrality; she reminds her staff often that we are part of a unique organization whose niche business model relies on non-advocacy to achieve its purpose, that is, to conserve the fish and wildlife populations of BC.
Deborah, we wish you every success in your exploration of life beyond your noble commitment to BCCF. We will all miss you very much!
- From the Board of Directors and the BCCF Admin and Project staff across BC


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