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Congratulations to this year's successful applicant, TJ Gooliaff!

TJ's career goal is to become a registered professional biologist (RPBio) for the BC Ministry of Environment working in the area of wildlife management. He graduated this past April with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of the Fraser Valley with a major in biology and a concentration in ecology and the biology of organisms.  He is returning to school in September 2015 to earn his Master’s Degree in biology.

TJ has plenty of experience both working and volunteering on wildlife and conservation projects. Last summer he worked as a wildlife technician for the Foothills Research Institute Grizzly Bear Program and was responsible for constructing and sampling hair snag sites to collect grizzly DNA throughout Jasper National Park. He gained further experience by volunteering with wildlife biologists from the BC Ministry of Environment on multiple field projects, including trapping and relocating Roosevelt elk in Sechelt, tracking and darting cougars in Cranbrook to collect DNA samples, and conducting a spot light survey on Texada Island to determine both the total population and buck to doe ratio of Columbian black-tailed deer. TJ has also volunteered for the Wild Sheep Society of BC by participating in a fence line brushing project to prepare for a controlled burn for the purpose of enhancing mountain sheep habitat. He is also on the BCWF Wildlife Committee and he is a BCWF Wilderness Watch volunteer member.

"I am an avid hunter and I am passionate about wildlife," says TJ. "As an MOE wildlife biologist, my top priority will be ensuring the conservation and proper management of wildlife in BC so that future generations will be able to enjoy wildlife the same way that I do now."

Well done, TJ, and good luck in your goals!