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Congratulations to Lorelle Sunduk!

Lorelle is our successful recipient of the 2014 John B. Holdstock scholarship

Congratulations to our 2014 recipient of the John B. Holdstock Scholarship, Lorelle Sunduk, a full-time student on Vancouver Island who has completed an Associate of Science degree and is currently working toward a Resource Management Officer Technology Diploma. Lorelle is working to acquire two bachelor degrees: one in Natural Resource Protection and one in Fisheries & Aquaculture. “Fisheries have played an important role throughout my life,” says Lorelle, “therefore I am striving towards a career in Fisheries Management where I can help to protect and improve fish stocks on the Pacific North Coast.”

Growing up in a remote community on British Columbia’s North Coast shaped an individual who is passionate about conservation and environmental stewardship. “I consider myself lucky to have been raised by parents who immersed me in the outdoors at an early age,” she claims.  “Much of my free-time is spent exploring the forests, and paddling the waterways on Vancouver Island. Recreationally, I enjoy fishing, hunting, kayaking, hiking, camping, and rock-climbing.”

Lorelle’s passion for conservation has also found its way into her volunteer work. Since 2011 she has been a dedicated volunteer of the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 64. “The training I have received from this amazing organization include marine navigation, emergency first aid, boat handling. The skills which I have developed will serve me well in my future career and are crucial to the marine emergencies which I respond to with my crew.”

“One notable incident occurred in March 2013 when I took part in the rescue of a herring fisherman in severe medical distress. Upon arriving on-scene my crew and I determined that the patient needed urgent medical assistance- she had broken ribs, a potential spinal injury, and a collapsed lung. We were able to transport her to the nearest village where she was airlifted via helicopter to the hospital. Upon landing her second lung collapsed. Luckily, she had arrived at the right time and has since made a full recovery. My crew and I were proud to receive an award for the rescue. Since moving to Nanaimo I have continued to volunteer with the local RCMSAR Station 27 in addition to volunteering daily as a municipal park ambassador. I have also volunteered with Canada Ducks Unlimited and at the Nanaimo River game gate where I interviewed local hunters and collected statistical data on Mule deer.”

Lorelle is currently employed as an Aquatic Science Technician. “Through my experiences I have realized that conservation and economics go hand-in-hand. I am hopeful that through my future career in fisheries management I will be able to both strengthen the economy and improve fish stocks.”

Well done Lorelle, and good luck in your goals!