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Congratulations to Anthony Temple!  Anthony is our successful recipient of the 2013 John B. Holdstock scholarship

“It is my love for the outdoors that drives me to learn the skills required in order to have an effective career in resource management and protection,” says Anthony, an avid hunter, fisherman, camper, and hiker as well as someone who enjoys trying all types of outdoor recreation.  “My passion for the outdoors and conserving all its opportunities for future generations is why I always strive to have good outdoor etiquette and to be a good sportsman.”

Anthony spent two summers working as a summer student with forestry companies where he did numerous tasks including reconnaissance, layout, and various surveys. It was then, during his work involving reconnaissance, layout and surveys, that his conservation nature began to reveal itself.  “While doing layout, I made larger than legally-required wildlife tree patches and stream buffers, especially by fish streams,” he recalled.  Anthony’s time as a student forester led him to adjusting his career choice and pursuing one where he will be even more conservation-oriented and hopefully make a bigger impact.

Anthony is currently enrolled in a Resource Management Officer Technology program and, once completed, he intends to seek a degree in natural resource protection.  “My goal is to graduate near the top of my class, much like I did in the forestry program where I was awarded the Canadian Institute of Forester’s Gold Medal, was placed on the Dean’s List, and received other related awards.”

Anthony’s main goal is to one day become either a fisheries or conservation officer so that he may be able to help protect our natural resources, especially fish and wildlife populations.  Until then, Anthony intends to continue volunteering his time to help make a difference.  “Some of my volunteer work so far consisted of assisting to teach a class about proper outdoor recreation etiquette along with outdoor skills, including identification of plants and animals.”

“I dream of one day playing a role in the increasing of endangered species’ populations such as the woodland caribou even if I’m not an officer. My hard work and dedication could then be focused on this task both at work and during my spare time.”

Well done, Anthony, and good luck in your goals!