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1B - 1445 McGill Road
Kamloops, BC V2C 6K7

Phone: (250) 828-2551
Fax: (250) 828-2597


Nestled in Kamloops, this regional office serves all of Northern and Central BC and provides as the administrative hub to BCCF's newest province-wide program, Wildsafe BC.

To report problem wildlife or bears in an urban setting call 1-877-952-7277


Regional Personnel

Jen Bellhouse - Regional Manager -

Jen Bellhouse first joined the BCCF team in 2007 as an Assistant Project Coordinator providing admin support to the Northern office. After working eighteen months with the BCCF Jen developed a new passion for the environment and returned to school to obtain her Batchelor of Science in Conservation Enforcement.  While attending school in Alberta, Jen spent her summers working in Manitoba as a seasonal Resource Officer. Once she completed her schooling she continued on in Manitoba as an Officer and then as a Big Game Health Field Technician. Several years of work and adventures allowed Jen to obtain additional skill sets and interests in the environmental sector. In 2014 Jen was offered the position of Project Coordinator, in the Northern office, and she jumped at the opportunity to return to BC and the BCCF. Since her return to BCCF Jen has administered a variety of projects including WildSafeBC.


Ashley Ekelund - Project Coordinator -

Ashley has an educational background in International Relations and Development, and a strong track record of project management in the international non-profit sector. But being an avid hiker and outdoor adventurer, Ashley knew that BC would always be home and decided to shift her focus to environmental education instead. She trained as an outdoor adventure guide and spent 5 years working in the BC tourism sector overseeing backcountry trips throughout Western Canada. Her current role as Project Coordinator with BCCF seamlessly combines both her non-profit administrative and environmental experience, and she is thrilled to be overseeing projects within the Thompson-Okanagan and Cariboo regions.


Trina Radford - Project Coordinator -

Having a long history of working and living throughout BC, Trina is keen to engage in a large variety of conservation projects where she calls home. Trina was raised with a love and a passion for the outdoors, and has since worked in the field throughout BC primarily in natural resources. She has also worked in the not-for-profit sector and has built relationships with a large variety of stakeholders as a result. This includes but is not limited to the government sector, industry, not-for-profit organizations, volunteers, the general public and community as well as donors. This experience has allowed her to collaborate with partners to build strategic plans where needed, prepare and manage budgets, apply for various grant funding, and successfully complete projects.

Shelley Nohels - Office Administrator -