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Position: Bat-friendly Communities Lead

Pay Rate: commensurate with experience, subcontractors welcome to apply

Work Schedule: Variable, 10-20 hours/week

Work Location: Flexible. Some travel may be required.

Contract Timeline: March 15, 2021 – December 29, 2021 (pending variable work schedule and pay rate)

Bat in BC face a variety of threats from human persecution to white-nose syndrome, an invasive deadly bat disease. With half our 15 bat species already at-risk (BC CDC 2021), conservation of bats requires measures to improve resiliency of local populations, including ensuring that habitat is retained to support bats that survive exposure to emerging diseases. Many of our bat species live closely with humans, offering unique opportunities to protect and enhance these species and their habitats.

One approach being trialed across BC is the promotion of Bat-friendly Communities, developed by the BC Community Bat Program (BC CBP 2021) and supported by the BC Bat Action Plan (BC BAT 2019). This approach involves protecting, creating, or enhancing bat habitat, providing information about bats to the local community and industries, and promoting learning about bats within the community and region. Ultimately, increasing awareness and stewardship of bats will ensure that bats and bat habitats are considered and included at a local planning and conservation scale. 

This project will increase local capacity, protection and/or enhancement of bat habitats and increased resiliency of bat communities in the face of climate change and expected impacts due to shifts in prey abundance, extreme weather fluctuations, changing habitat quality, and emerging diseases. As a province-wide Bat-Friendly Community Lead, this role will be responsible for outreach and connection with at least two First Nations to identify two communities for the pilot project. Two First Nations regional coordinators will work with the Lead to develop local outreach programs and restoration/enhancement plans.

BC CDC. 2021. BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer. Accessed Jan 4, 2021.

BC Bat Action Team. 2019. BC Bat Action Plan. Accessed Jan 4, 2021.

BC Community Bat Program. Bat-friendly Communities. A guide for managing and enhancing bat habitat in British Columbia. Accessed Jan 4, 2021.

Position Description

This project partnership is seeking a Bat-friendly Communities Lead to engage and work with First Nations on local bat conservation initiatives to develop bat-friendly communities. The Bat-friendly Communities Initiative encourages local action to support bats and increase awareness of bats and bat habitat, and may result in official Certification.

The BFC Lead will identify and engage interested First Nations Community Partners and support the development and implementation of local conservation actions for bats. The Lead will communicate and report to BCCF and the Project Advisory Team. 

Essential Qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree in one of the following areas or a related field: planning, management or communications with a strong demonstrated interest or experience in nature conservation; or natural sciences, conservation biology, biology or environmental studies, with a strong demonstrated interest or experience in organizational management.
  • Minimum 5 years experience in one of the above fields
  • Evidence of strong facilitation, collaboration and oral communication skills
  • Self-starter, able to work with minimal supervision but also in a team environment
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and implement projects including timely communication and reporting
  • Contract administration skills
  • Strong computer skills and knowledge of software, particularly Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point programs

Preferred Qualifications

  • Graduate degree in one of the above fields
  • Experience working with FN
  • Familiarity with the BC Community Bat Program
  • Knowledge of the bat-friendly communities initiative
  • Knowledge of BC bats, seasonal ecology, and conservation issues
  • Academic or applied experience in Conservation Science
  • Experience working with Local Governments
  • Coordination of communications with media and public
  • Knowledge of related legislation and regulations, conservation policies and local government roles



Outreach to identify and engage First Nations Community Partners (20%)

  • Contact potential First Nations
  • Organize meetings, prepare agenda, and record minutes to discuss bat conservation, possible initiatives in communities, interest in partnering
  • Raise awareness and promote implementation of the pilot project
  • Assist in hiring process for FN bat coordinator positions (2)

Engage with FN partners (60%)

  • Support FN partners to raise awareness of bats and bat conservation
  • Support FN partners to identify local concerns, interests, and conservation opportunities, resulting in development of a short term (2021) local bat conservation plan
  • Organize, support community-level meetings
  • Help identify realistic, local conservation actions and pilot a bat-friendly community approach to addressing concerns and implementing conservation actions, including ensuring that communities are aware of existing approaches and resources to support bat conservation (links to existing BC Community Bat Program materials and training)
  • Review bat plans before they are finalized
  • Ensure activities undertaken support overall bat conservation priorities and are scientifically-supported
  • Support implementation of local plans as needed, including project work planning to achieve goals
  • Provide communication liaison and updates to BCCF and the project advisory team

Project Tracking, Reporting and Financial Management (20%)

  • Prepare final report including summaries from each community on bat conservation goals and accomplishments
  • Oversee and track progress of local bat conservation plans
  • Track Lead and FN Coordinator work hours for year-end reporting
  • Oversee program revenues and expenses, ensuring processing of payables and receivables
  • Track and manage project and organizational budgets with assistance from the BCCF administration team
  • Establish procedures for records maintenance, including filing and electronic storage
To apply for this job: 

Submit a cover letter and resume in .pdf format using the form below. Include your name in the file name. Please specify how you meet the Essential Qualifications outlined above in your cover letter. Ensure to include your status as a contractor or preference for BCCF employment.

Only those applicants considered qualified will be contacted for interviews, no phone calls or emails please. 


Closing Date: Mar 3, 2021, 4:30 PM


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