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Congratulations to Georgia Dixon, one of two successful recipients of the 2019 John B. Holdstock Scholarship!

Georgia grew up in the countryside of southern Alberta and came to love the land through her first passion: riding horses. One of her first jobs was as a guide for an outfitter. She also began fishing and hunting at a young age. This immersion in the fishing, hunting and ranching community fostered a deep respect for fish and wildlife and set the foundation for her career aspirations.  After moving to BC to pursue a bachelor’s degree, Georgia took up salmon fishing around North Vancouver and the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. She came to see fishing as a privilege, and made it her goal to ensure that future generations are afforded that privilege as well.

Georgia’s commitment to conservation and academic achievement has been recognized through two recent scholarships; the Shimano/Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus Scholarship and the BCEIA Mike MacFarlane Memorial Scholarship. Her goal is to continue to excel academically so she can become a Registered Professional Biologist. This will certify her to perform specific environmental tasks, such as songbird nesting surveys. To achieve this designation she is interested in the master’s program in Environmental Management at Royal University, which allows one to work while studying. “A combination of work and study is powerful,” says Georgia, “because you are contributing to environmental conservation while also learning the skills required to do so.”

Through her employment with the Seymour Salmonid Society, Georgia spent seven months enhancing wild salmon populations. Following that, she obtained work with Metro Vancouver’s Watershed and Environmental Management department. “The work was very diverse, giving me the opportunity to contribute to many aquatic and terrestrial aspects of a healthy watershed. This diversity is why my career goal is to continue with watershed management, so I can work on the conservation of both fish and wildlife.”

Georgia says she would like to thank the BCCF and the powerful legacy of John B. Holdstock for offering this generous scholarship. “I plan to be an influential manager of Canada’s fish and wildlife, and it is scholarships like these that help students like me to pursue such passions.”

Congratulations Georgia and good luck in your future endeavours!