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(Surrey, BC) -- British Columbia Conservation Foundation is pleased to announce that Haiden MacDonald, an aspiring environmentalist and dedicated conservation advocate, has been awarded the prestigious John B. Holdstock Scholarship for his exceptional achievements and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Born in Weyburn Saskatchewan, John Holdstock passed away unexpectedly at his home in Kelowna on December 25th 2010. He obtained an engineering degree, and then spent over five years in the early 1960’s working on radio relays in northern BC until becoming a chartered accountant.  The eponymous scholarship takes its name from John, who was the Chair of the BC Conservation Foundation, Secretary-Treasurer of BC Tree Fruits and President of the BC Wildlife Federation. Not only was he an avid reader with a wide-ranging area of interests, but he also loved to write. John enjoyed hunting, bird watching and delighted in the deer browsing through his yard.

The John B. Holdstock Scholarship Selection Committee consists of representatives from:

  • Southern Interior Land Trust
  • Kelowna Fish and Game Club
  • Nature Trust of British Columbia
  • Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

Haiden currently works for the BC Wildlife Federation, where he is coordinating the Fish Habitat Restoration and Education Program. This program aims to raise awareness about the importance of conserving freshwater fish and riparian habitats, while building community capacity for these valued areas through restoration and community engagement.

While studying at UBC’s Natural Resources Conservation Program, Haiden volunteered with the Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation Laboratory and worked on an undergraduate thesis project under the supervision of Professor Dr. Scott Hinch. The study focused on early marine migratory patterns of hatchery-reared juvenile Coho salmon smolts. Haiden returns to UBC for his final semester in the fall and plans to pursue a graduate degree in biology at UVIC, focusing on fisheries ecology and watershed connectivity.

BC Conservation Foundation applauds Haiden MacDonald for his work in environmental conservation and believes he will make a significant impact in preserving British Columbia's natural resources.

David Hendrickson (Executive Director) - BC Conservation Foundation

“We are excited to be able to support Haiden’s future plans with a $1,000 award from the John B. Holdstock Scholarship”

"Haiden's dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond his studies and work. He actively engages in outreach and education initiatives, inspiring others to take action in preserving our natural world."

“Haiden's experience working with various conservation organizations have provided him with a well-rounded perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges facing our natural environment.”

About the BC Conservation Foundation -- BC Conservation Foundation is a non-profit and registered charity that has been operating in British Columbia since 1969. The Foundation manages conservation projects on behalf of a wide variety of stakeholders and rights holders, including governments, First Nations and community groups. The Foundation reinvests funds to support its programs, such as WildSafeBC, the Small Projects Fund and the Land for Wildlife Fund.

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