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The Land for Wildlife Fund was created to help address habitat issues with donated funds. Fill in this form to submit a proposal to be considered by the committee. If this intial screening is successful then it will be followed by a detailed application.

Applications received will undergo a committee review before it is sent to the board.  The committee review will consist of consideration in the application for the following;

Does the proposal benefit Fish and/or Wildlife

  • Red/Blue listed species
  • Benefits fish/wildlife species
  • Multi fish/wildlife species diversity


  • Lead agency
  • Multi agency
  • BCWF/Heritage fund

BC Ministry representing Fish & Wildlife

  • BCWF Club support
  • BCWF Region support

Future Benefit to BCCF

  • Publicity
  • Future projects for BCCF


  • Technical Review (feasibility)
  • Cost effective (affordable)

The Board of Directors has requested several provisions that they require accepted before the BCCF can provide their donation. 

  1. The funding support is to be spent on the purchase price of the property and not for land management
  2. Ensure that the Lands are managed for conservation purposes, and are available for public use, including angling, hunting and trapping, unless otherwise agreed to in writing and that other forms of access continue i.e. road, hiking etc
  3. The Recipient must recognize funding support from BCCF in all publications, other extension material, signage, presentations, websites, electronic and social media, and other forms of release or communications pertaining to the Lands
  4. The Recipient agrees that all Communications Materials, including signs associated with communications or public awareness relation to the Lands will contain a highly visible contributor logo.
(fish & game club, not-for-profit, etc)
Project Information
(emphasis will be placed on fish and wildlife species, please indicate fish and/or wildlife values)
(location and nearest point of reference)
(please note if partnerships are formed or pending)
(Please indicate secured, applied for, cash or in-kind)