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0 Winter-Run Steelhead observed for first time on record. 

Due to a dramatic recent decline observed in the Gold River winter-run steelhead population, BCCF has teamed up with the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, The Kingfishers, the BC Federation of Drift Fishers, and the Steelhead Society of BC to investigate the current population status of all Gold River steelhead stocks.  

Peak snorkel survey counts for winter-run steelhead over the last three years were as follows:

1 in 2017  

3 in 2018

4 in 2019

During the latest snorkel survey count conducted on Feb 20 2020,  0 steelhead were observed in the index reach.  A brief report entitled "Gold River Snorkel Survey - Feb. 20, 2020" is provided below.  This is the first time since snorkel surveys have been conducted on the Gold River that 0 fish were observed. 


Last year in January 2019, BCCF hosted a public forum event in Campbell River.  A presentation to disseminate project results was followed by a discussion/feedback session.  Thank you to those who attended.  This presentation, entitled "GR Steelhead Presentation - Jan, 2019" is also available below. 


Would you like to Volunteer?  If you find yourself in the Gold River area and have some time to have a look around we are interested in hearing from you.   Every little bit of information helps us to paint a better picture of what factors might be contributing to the decline of this once properous fishery. Any observations of illegal angling, predators, fish, or other relevant sightings can be reported using the form below entitled "Volunteer - GR Monitoring Form."  Please email completed forms to