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Your safety is paramount!

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF) is committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces for its employees by adhering to British Columbia’s Workers Compensation Act and related Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (please see below for links to these documents). This commitment has resulted in BCCF’s (OHSP) Occupational Health and Safety Program. The BCCF OHSP requires continuous updating and thoughtful planning as newer technologies emerge, and as improved safe work practices become available. BCCF employs staff across the province, many of whom work in remote settings. BCCF encourages and welcomes safety related feedback from its employees and partners.  Please direct any comments or concerns regarding safety or the content of the Safety Management System to the BCCF Safety Coordinator at immediately so they can be addressed.

In addition, to help ensure our staff’s safety we require that all staff, including employees (short or long term), contractors, volunteers and any other workers related to BCCF adhere to the policies and procedures within the BCCF OHSP Manual. BCCF Safety Coordinator will advise which additional safety documents and tools are applicable during a safety orientation prior to work commencing. Supplementary job specific safety protocols will be addressed within a Project Safety Assessent (PSA), created for each individual project.


Workers Compensation Act

Entire Act

Excerpts and Summaries for the Workers Compensation Act

Occupational Health and Safety Regulation