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Violence in the Workplace

BCCF will educate its employees on violence in the workplace during orientation and through this manual. There will be zero tolerance for violence in the workplace and BCCF will be supportive of any staff that experience an incident regarding this. It is BCCF’s goal to educate staff on how to avoid or recognize and avoid any conflict that would lead to violence in the workplace. Violence is defined by WorkSafeBC in section 4.27 of the Regulation as:

‘The attempted or actual exercise by a person, other than a worker, of any physical force so as to cause injury to a worker, and includes any threatening statement or behaviour which gives a worker reasonable cause to believe that he or she is at risk of injury.’

Where an employee may experience violence in the workplace a risk assessment must be completed as per section 4.28 of the Regulation. This assessment will include location and circumstances in which work occurs, experience related to that type of work from previous employees and projects and occupational experience in similar workplaces. Project Coordinators and the Regional Manager will discuss potential for workplace violence with all employees employed on projects or in work that meet the last two criteria in the previous sentence. In addition to discussion with Project Coordinators and/or Regional Manager on the likelihood and chance of violence in the workplace, employees will complete a Job Safety Analysis. This outlines where they work, the types of hazards they may encounter, including any violence, and the control measures to avoid such encounters.

Employees most likely to experience confrontation or violent individuals while employed by BCCF are those conducting conservation compliance checks or other encounters with the public related to conservation initiatives or programs and those working alone or in isolation. A SWP providing tips for avoiding, managing, and mitigating situations that arise and assist employees in avoiding violent incidents has been provided in Part 2 of this OHSP.

BCCF encourages any employees that receive injuries or symptoms as the result of an incident of violence in the workplace to seek medical attention and/or consult a physician (4.31 OHSR). BCCF will document this advice and keep record of it. It should be noted that it is not mandatory for employees that have been subjected to violence in the workplace to see a physician if they themselves do not deem it necessary. However it is mandatory that all employees who experience violence in the workplace, including threats must report the incident to their supervisor, Project Coordinator or Regional Manager.