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6.1 Policy 

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation recognizes the value of collaboration and teamwork in identifying and resolving workplace health and safety issues. We maintain an active Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC), which meets monthly. The JOHSC meeting minutes and Terms of Reference are posted on the BC Conservation Foundation website.

6.2 Responsibilities


  • Provide access to workplace records and statistics.
  • Provide a space for holding meetings.
  • Allow representatives time to attend meetings and participate in committee functions.
  • Post the names of committee members, the three most recent committee meeting minutes, and copies of any WorkSafeBC orders from the preceding 12 months.
  • Review formal JOHSC recommendations, provide feedback within 21 days and act on those recommendations if appropriate.


  • Attend meetings prepared and informed.
  • Provide input as related to the JOHSC purpose and functions.
  • Agree to work towards a consensus. 
  • Reach a consensus with recommendations and decisions.
  • Recommend invitations of specific guest advisors as needed.
  • Participate in inspections and investigations. 
  • Participate in the refusal of unsafe work situations.


  • Guide the meetings according to the agenda and time available.
  • Ensure all discussion items end with a decision, action or definitive outcome.
  • Record the meeting minutes.
  • Review and approve the draft minutes before distribution.

6.3 Program Overview

The JOHSC is a vital component of an internal responsibility system. The JOHSC allows health and safety issues to be brought forward and resolved quickly and effectively.

Terms of Reference

When: Created during the formation of the committee.

Who: The committee to establish rules, duties and functions.

Tool: Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Terms of Reference.

Reviewed: Annually

Documentation: The Terms of Reference are available on the BC Conservation Foundation website.

Meeting Minutes

When: Created once per month during the JOHSC meeting.

Who: The co-chairs will record the meeting minutes.

Tool: Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Reviewed: The meeting agenda will be distributed and reviewed by members before each meeting. 

Documentation: The three most recent Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meeting Minutes will be posted on the BC Conservation Foundation website. Older minutes will be stored electronically on the BC Conservation Foundation server.

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Evaluation

When: An evaluation must occur annually.

Who: An appointed committee member will complete the evaluation with assistance from the co-chairs.

Tool: Joint Health and Safety Committee Evaluation Tool.

Reviewed: The completed evaluation will be discussed during a committee meeting.

Documentation: A copy of the evaluation will be attached to the meeting minutes and posted on the BCCF website. An electronic copy will be stored on the BC Conservation Foundation server.