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4.1 Policy 

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation is committed to protecting workers from occupational hazards. The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program ensures appropriate PPE is identified, provided, and used. Hazard assessments will determine PPE requirements, and management and supervisors will ensure workers are trained on the proper use, care, and maintenance of PPE.

4.2 Responsibilities


  • Determine the required PPE for each project.
  • Provide specialized PPE to workers if needed.
  • Ensure workers receive training on the use and care of PPE.
  • Wear the required PPE when making site visits.
  • Replace defective or worn-out specialized worker PPE.


  • Provide workers with training on the appropriate selection and use of PPE.
  • Ensure the use of PPE.
  • Wear the necessary PPE while working on site.


  • Report to work with the required basic PPE (e.g. clothing for protection from the environment, safety footwear, safety headgear, general-purpose work gloves).
  • Use PPE in accordance with training and instruction.
  • Wear the required PPE while working.
  • Maintain provided PPE.
  • Report defective PPE to supervision and management.


Personal Protective Equipment Guides are available electronically under the Personal Protective Equipment Tab.

Table 6: Personal Protective Equipment Guides

Personal Protective Equipment Guides

Eye & Face Protection

Hand Protection

Head Protection

Hearing Protection

Foot Protection

PPE for Chainsaw Use - WorkSafeBC Guide

Buoyancy Equipment