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Revision History

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation’s (BCCF) Health and Safety Manual is a living document and is revised regularly to meet new legislated requirements, improve work processes, and to adhere to industry best practices. The revision log below details the changes made to the manual. 


Section/Document Date of Revision Comments
BCCF Safety Manual 08/28/2018 Manual reformated to reflect the new safety program.
Appendix C 11/12/2018 Changed retention length from 10yr to 7yr as per JOHSC request.
BCCF Safety Manual 1/02/2019 Manual Converted to web format. 
Section 1 Policies  1/03/2019

Health and Safety + Drug and Alcohol resigned 

Section 11 Workplace Violence, Bullying and Harassment

08/14/2019 Extra procedural information added. 
BCCF Safety Manual 11/04/2019 Manual Reviewed. Some sections reworded although no policies have changed.