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Report an Injury

It is BCCF’s stance that all injuries must be reported, we require all workers to report injuries regardless of severity and take a proactive position of safe, over sorry. WorkSafeBC defines a reportable injury as:

a reportable injury is an injury arising out of and in the course of employment, or which is claimed by the worker to have arisen out of and in the course of employment, where one of the following conditions is present or subsequently occurs:

  • The worker loses consciousness following the injury;
  • The worker is transported or directed by a first aid attendant or other employer representative to a hospital or other place of medical treatment, or is recommended by such persons to go to such place;
  • The injury is one that obviously requires medical treatment;
  • The worker has received medical treatment for the injury;
  • The worker is unable or claims to be unable by reason of the injury to return to his or her usual job function on any working day subsequent to the day of injury;
  • The injury or accident resulted or is claimed to have resulted in the breakage of an artificial/prosthetic member, eyeglasses, dentures or a hearing aid or
  • The worker or WorkSafeBC has requested that an employer's report be sent.
  • Where none of the conditions listed above are present, an injury is a minor injury and not required to be reported to WorkSafeBC unless one of those conditions subsequently occurs.’

However, while not required to be reported to WorkSafe, all injuries and incidents must be reported to your supervisor and the Safety Coordinator to be documented and kept on file.

If an employee is injured at work the following steps must be completed to ensure that if work is missed they can be compensated:

  • Step 1: Report injury to BCCF immediately. Employees are required by section 53 of the Act to report injuries. If your injury is serious please get medical attention prior to informing BCCF.
  • Step 2: Seek medical attention and be sure to tell your doctor your injury is work related. If you need an ambulance or transportation to or from your workplace to the doctor’s office your employer is responsible to pay these costs. If you are injured on the job, it is the responsibility of you the worker as well as the employer, and the worker's treating physician to report the injury to WorkSafeBC. A doctor completing a form that states the injury occurred at work does not mean a claim has been started. You as the worker must report your injury to WorkSafeBC and notify BCCF of your injury so we can complete the employer portion of a claim.
  • Step 3: Start a claim by reporting it to WorkSafeBC as soon as possible, or within 3 business days of the injury’s occurrence. BCCF will report employee injuries to the Board within 3 business days of the occurrence or becoming aware of the injury as per section 54 of the Act. If you miss work time as a result of your injury, or to make a claim call the  Tele-claim Contact Centre at 1-888-WORKERS or 1-888-967-5377. This is the most effective means of reporting a claim, if however this is not an option employees can complete and submit a Worker's incident and injury report (Form 6) online.

When an employee receives first aid on site, then the first aid attendant must complete a first aid record and submit it to the BCCF Safety Coordinator for records (