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Refusal of Unsafe Work 

As specified under the rights and responsibilities of workers previously in this document, all workers are responsible for and have the right to refuse work they believe to be unsafe. Workers must not carry out any work process that they have reasonable cause to believe could cause them undue harm. Any worker that refuses to work due to a hazard they believe could cause harm will not be discriminated against, as such BCCF will provide temporary alternative duties with no loss of pay until the hazard can be investigated and the matter solved as set out by 3.13 of the Regulation (Follow Figure 1 located next). Work that has been suspended due to notable weather hazards/acts of god, conditions outside the control of BCCF or BCCF employees, or otherwise suspended by the project coordinator and/or project sponsor cannot be considered refusal of work.


Figure 1: Procedure to resolve a report of unsafe work conditions.