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Incident Investigations

BCCF will ensure prompt notification and investigation of the incidents listed below and will determine the necessary actions to rectify conditions and prevent recurrence of similar incidents as required by the OHSR section 3.3 (e). Investigations will be conducted by someone knowledgeable about the work that was being completed, preferably with the participation of both a worker and employer representative. Following incidents, a report will be made available and posted to workers pursuant to section 175 of the WCA with personal information regarding the worker or workers involved removed/redacted from the report. Investigations  will use the four part WorkSafeBC Form 52E40 (Located in the Part 4) to record all incident details as opposed to the four separate forms method. (The form is also available at this location:  993703 ).

Completed forms will be kept on file by the Safety Coordinator and submitted to WorkSafeBC and the JOHSC as required. This will ensure that all OHSR requirements for investigation report details are met as per 3.4 of the OHSR in addition to those required by the WCA sections 175 and 176. Finally BCCF commits to encourage all employees to report any conditions that they deem unsafe, any and all incidents, or near misses. All of these can be learned from to prevent incidents in future and ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all BCCF employees pursuant to section 177 of the WCA.

BCCF will immediately undertake an investigation in the event of an incident involving:

  • Serious injury or death of a worker*
  • Major structural failure or collapse (structures, buildings, excavations etc.)*
  • Major release of hazardous substances*
  • Blasting accident causing injury
  • Dangerous incident involving explosives
  • Diving incident
  • Injury requiring medical treatment
  • Minor injury or near miss that had potential for causing serious injury.

*These incidents also require immediate notification to WorkSafeBC.

Table 2 located next; displays the correct timeline and procedure for investigation reporting.

Table 2: Procedure and timeline for investigation reporting at BCCF.

Investigation Period


Four-Part Investigation Form (Form 5240E)

Completed Form Instructions

Preliminary Investigation

Identify unsafe conditions and ensure that work can be resumed safely

Complete sections 1,

2 and 4

If required, submit to WorkSafeBC within 48hours of incident

Interim Corrective Action

Implement or take actions to prevent recurrence

Update section 4

Circulate immediately or provide to JOHSC at next meeting pending severity

Full Investigation

Determine cause of incident, underlying factors or safety deficiencies

Update section 2 and 4

Submit to WorkSafeBC within 30 days of incident

Provide upon completion to JOHSC at next meeting

Full Corrective Action

Compilation of previous three parts with great detail. See detailed points below.

Update section 4

Provide upon completion to JOHSC at next meeting

Post on employee website to educate other employees if applicable

A corrective action report must identify the following:

  • All unsafe conditions or protocols that lead to the incident;
  • All corrective actions taken to prevent incident from happening again;
  • Names and job titles of those assigned to implement the corrective actions;
  • Date corrective action was taken; and
  • Timeline for review of corrective actions to determine effectiveness and any additional actions required to remedy unsafe conditions.

In the event that an incident results in an employee injury BCCF will:

  • Fill out an Employers Report of Injury or Occupational Disease (Form 7) and submit online;
  • Clearly determine and assign someone to complete the incident investigation;
  • Investigate the incident, including the cause, any unsafe conditions, act or procedures and recommend remedial action to prevent such incidents in future;
  • Complete and submit an incident report to the JOHSC and where required WorkSafeBC as described above;
  • Complete corrective actions;
  • Complete follow-up report on effectiveness of corrective actions applied; and

Provide JOHSC with a copy of follow-up report and post at workplace.