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BCCF Health and Safety Policy

The British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF) is committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces for its employees by adhering to British Columbia’s Workers Compensation Act (WCA) and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR). To achieve this BCCF has established and continues to maintain its own Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP). The following is a list of commitments that both the Board of Directors and Management staff  of BCCF will meet or exceed:

  • Promote a positive attitude towards health and safety in BCCF workplaces, thereby fostering a proactive safety culture;
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of BCCF management staff, safety staff, supervisors and workers;
  • Hold regular management meetings with a portion of every meeting dedicated to safety updates, concerns, trends/statistics, corrective actions and future OHSP goals;
  • Provide sufficient resources, training, and education which adheres to BCCF OHSP, the WCA, and OHSR, to minimize risk of potential work related incidents;
  • Comply with legislated regulations and policies set out by WCA and OHSR, and where applicable WorkSafeBC standards and guidelines;
  • Create and maintain safe work practices (SWPs) and safe job procedures (SJPs) based on WorkSafeBC and industry related standards that effectively cover the scope of BCCF work;
  • Stay current on health and safety related standards and work practices relevant to BCCF set out by WorkSafeBC amendments and as industry standards of practice improve or new technologies become available;
  • Cooperate with WorkSafeBC Officers and representatives in any and all capacities required; and
  • Implement this BCCF OHSP and policy effectively, and efficiently while maintaining a high safety standard through the ongoing monitoring, reporting, review, and evaluation of this program.

This policy outlines how BCCF strives to achieve these commitments and the requirements of the WCA and the OHSR. All persons conducting BCCF business including term workers, full-time workers, contractors, management, and volunteers must abide by this policy, alongside applicable standards within the WCA and OHSR. The joint effort and commitment towards health and safety shared by the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, all staff, employees, and our trusted contractors shall ensure that BCCF remains sustainable, competitive, and an industry leader.